How To Change Camera Brands – Is It Worth It?

Changing camera brands once you have entered the interchangeable lens arena is a lot harder, and more expensive, than just about any other choice you will make.

The primary reason it costs so much to switch.

Lenses. The amount of money you have invested in lenses is the major expense of switching brands. Reselling or trading lenses give you a small percentage of their original purchase price back. Unless you are planning to buy used lenses you will pay a premium to get new glass. There is a way to keep using your lenses while you save and decide on your new shiny toys.

Recently I switched to XT-4 Fujifilm X-mount camera and lenses. Thankfully I was fairly new into the Nikon world and I didn’t have a ton of lenses to worry about. With a decent trade-in and some cash, I was able to get the XT-4 with the 16-80 kit lens and a 35mm F2 WR lens. Those are the primary lenses I used with my Nikon so I could let the others go without a lot of angst.

If I didn’t have that option I could have used one of these “Vello Nikon F Lens to Fujifilm X-Mount” for $22.50 I could have kept using my Nikon lenses for a bit. Granted they would be manual focus only but if I really needed a particular focal length It could have worked for a bit. I had a Canon the switch would have been even easier as there are several EF adapters that allow the X series camera to have autofocus and aperture control. 

With so many new mirrorless options switching will become more common.

DSLR cameras are not dead, but they are dying. Like the film cameras before, it will take years before the DSLR is gone from the overall landscape. There may even be a resurgence in DSLR cameras if the tech makes a leap forward but I think the smaller size and flexibility of mirrorless will eventually win out. 

If you aren’t averse to using adaptors as I mentioned above, you can take advantage of these changes and possibly score yourself some great lenses on the cheap. 

Have you done a switch?

Tell us about your experience with switching camera systems. What was the worst or best part for you? 

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